20150208-untitled (30 of 30)Film Maker/ Writer/ Snapper

One I make my living off, one I hope to make my living off, one I just love doing.

This is ‘capitalfaces’ – an ongoing project to take as many interesting images of London’s people as I can. I would call them Londoners, but most come from Surrey, Cambridgeshire, or Herts (where I come from). I don’t stick around long enough to ask them questions about heritage – but if they’re in London, for that day at least, they are Londoners to me.

You will find me most weekends in the city somewhere. I like Brick Lane, Spitalfields, Oxford Street, Southbank and Hyde Park a lot – I don’t enjoy Stoke Newington or the Seven Sisters Road that much, but it doesn’t mean you wont find me there.

I sneakily take pictures on the Tube too. Or the train home. Its quite interesting sometimes.

Anyhow, welcome. Lets see how we go with this….



  1. Jarrod Pimental · November 20, 2016

    Hey Franco, did you ever resolve your ISO 640 noise issue with the xpro2? I’m wondering because I’ve seen some out of camera shots lately at ISO 128000 that look better than my ISO 3200. Seems like there are varying results out there.


    • jezmouk · November 23, 2016

      Hey Jarrod – good to hear from you mate. I think my issue with ISO640 was L/R’s early attempts at RAW processing with the new sensor (it still isn’t perfect, but I live with it) and the NR turned up on the camera body. All seems well now, but if it means anything, Im nearly always shooting RAW now – the JPEGS in the X-Pro 2 aren’t nearly as nice as the ones on the original…Cheers! Be well!


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