110’000 views. Dang.

Whoa, thats a lot…

Of course, in the grand scheme of things, it isn’t very many at all. And when you take into  consideration that about 80’000 of those views were from ex-girlfriends scattered about the globe (I don’t have 80’000 ex’s…they just like to see how I’m doing. A lot.) – that still leaves a respectable amount of people genuinely interested in what I do with a camera. A town’s worth of people. I’ll take it. Thanks everyone.

This also gives me an opportunity to share some really nice (and unexpected) news. In last months blog, I commented on how rarely I made New Year’s Resolutions but would make an exception for 2018. So glad I did.

I haven’t made good on all of them, BUT – I am still smoke free. I am travelling more, AND I AM PUBLISHED!


Tokio Myers’ piano accompaniment to the top five album ‘Our Generation’ came out yesterday (March 5th 2018) and is now available to buy on Amazon and in good music stores everywhere. A proud day indeed. And even though I am a little biased (maybe) its a beautiful book.

I never imagined my first published work would be a photograph, let alone a gig shot, but the feeling is nice regardless. Maybe one of my scripts will come good, or a street shot will get recognised, I don’t know. And right now, I don’t even care. I’m very proud of my relationship with Tokio – who has remained kind and humble since the first day I met him five years ago – and am looking forward to shooting him plenty more times this year, starting with his first UK stadium gig in the Spring. Cant wait for that.

As always, feel free to stop over to my instagram:


And do also feel free to support Tokio and buy his magnificent book :


OK, thats me done…I’m thawing out on a beach somewhere this weekend (its been COLD in the motherland recently). I’ll try to enjoy it 🙂

Cheers All.









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