Amber Run – Album Release Day

I don’t get involved with music videos much these days – I get asked to produce them all the time, but due to the rampant theft of music, the budgets are now awful…and they’re rarely worth the ballache to make. Its a shame, though…I play myself, and love music. But I also have to make a profit, and something cool.

Its takes a special band and a special tune for me to be even remotely interested. The band is Amber Run, and the song was ‘Stranger’. And here’s the video:

(Directed by William Jones)

Amber Run are perhaps best known for the track ‘I Found’, which many people heard from the ‘Teen Wolf’ TV series. It currently has over 28million views in YouTube, and is a beautiful track (though check out the ‘Mahogany Sessions’ version. Dang) .

The bands second album, ‘For A Moment, I Was Lost’ was released today – and I was both thrilled and surprised to receive a signed copy, in gorgeous white vinyl, and a spiffing white T shirt (featuring one of the shots from ‘Stranger’ on the front) get plonked on my desk this morning. A good Friday. 🙂

I was also lucky enough to take a bunch of ‘behind-the-scenes’ stills, of which 4 I have exclusively released on my Instagram today. Check those out here:

For those who I’ve blocked or don’t have Instagram, here’s another 4 just because its that Friday feeling:


(singer, main composer – Joe Keogh)


(guitarist – Will Jones)


(Keyboards – Henry Wyeth)


(Bass – Tom Sperry)

All shots taken on the Fujifilm X-Pro 2 + xf56mm 1.2 APD or xf35mm F1.4

I will have a lot of great memories from this day. The four guys were a dream to work with (especially Joe, who spent practically 10 hours in a water tank. Surprised he didn’t get the bends…) and I’m lucky to count them as friends now (even if the soggy lead singer mentioned above cleared me out of roll-ups that day). I wish them well with the new L.P – and have been reliably informed that it may make the top 10 in the UK charts by the weekend. They’ve not had an easy year of it, being ditched by their first label (a major) and losing their drummer, so to come out with a long player as beautiful as this is a testament to them as a band and as men of strength and resilience. Fair play.

To get hold of a copy for yourself, do go here :

(The white vinyl is especially saucy…)

And the tour is now under way, details here:

OK, thats about it for now. More to come soon – personal issues have somewhat held me back recently, but Im fine, things are picking up momentum again and normal service will be resumed shortly. And thanks, for all your kind words and support. It meant the world to me. Y’all are nice.

Speaking of which – #thefivehourproject is ongoing, so please feel free to carry on (and remember to tag!) as is #whileyouweresleeping (didn’t pick this one, but thanks to the friend that did) but this one has been invaded by a Japanese tv show…odd…but its OK, I still see them.

Remember, its all about creation – images, paintings, songs, short films, shit – decorate a cake for all I care…just make something for yourself.

Cheers all. Speak soon.




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