My photo project for 2017.

‘At night’…

That answer really annoyed me. It was cold, callous and glib – I deserved better. I had put my heart and soul into making her life better, making this relationship work, as well as investing considerable sums into her photo business and new apartment – all the while living five hours ahead in another country.

Ah, those five hours. You can do a lot in five hours…

I had suspected her cheating for a while. She had become colder and more distant, started to pick faults, looking for excuses. I knew the signs..sadly its happened to me twice before (weirdly, both had the same name – lesson learned). Our Christmas Skype gift exchange wasn’t especially happy…it must have been killing her, poor love, getting boned by another man then shortly after, opening gifts from the one you should be boning…

To add insult to injury, she expressed surprise that I wouldn’t wish her happiness. Im thinking ‘you’re sleeping with someone else, and you want my blessing? Has the word ‘asshole’ been written on my forehead? Holy crap…’

And thats when I asked her…’Where was I when this was going on? When did this all happen?’

Long pause….

‘At night’…

Ah yeah, those five hours. Knew they would bite me on the ass eventually. She apologised and said goodbye. I told her to fuck off.

But I did have the inspiration for this years project…so I thank her for that. Shoot for Five Hours. Stay out the whole time – with an hour put by for ‘Pho’… The Five Hour Project Series- lets see what I can get done in that time.

If you’re struggling, spend five hours to create something worthy and beautiful and honest. Spend five hours doing something constructive, not destructive. Doesn’t even have to be five hours, but for me it seems appropriate.

I shall shoot – but you can write a song, a poem, a short film, a story, draw a picture, anything…something original, a creation that means something to only you. Keep it to yourself if you like. Or feel free to share it.

I cant think of a better way to get over heartbreak. Or the winter blues.

#thefivehourproject – feel free to join in.


(Fujifilm XE-2 + 35mm 1.4)



  1. adambonn · January 1, 2017

    Man, I hope this isn’t true, but I have a feeling it is. Well written.

    Liked by 1 person

    • jezmouk · January 1, 2017

      Thanks Adam. yeah, afraid it is… but I have to turn the negative in to a positive, and the best way is to do what I love doing. have a wonderful New Year, and thanks again.

      Liked by 1 person

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