Regent Street….

…is the street on which I work. I like it – its like Oxford St, but posher. And by that I mean LOADS of shops selling luxury goods rather than LOADS of shops selling sports clothes and tat.

I walk up from Piccadilly Circus as its less packed than Oxford Circus – and its a nice walk, especially when the sun is out. Its fairly quiet, but I’ll normally see some characters. I’ve taken to using my XE2 for daily use – its faster than my X-Pro 1, and smaller than my X-Pro 2, and with the XF18 bolted on it makes a nice and snappy carry camera rig.

So here’s a few from my daily walk up Regent Street. Its sure to end being a huge collection, as I do this walk every day…


As ever, thanks for reading. I’ll be updating every month or so now – I have so few readers on here – but if you want to see more of my work you can always drop by my instagram, also called capitalfaces…..would be great to see you.

Stay well! 🙂



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