Daaaaaahn to Margit….

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OK, first things first – after that header – you need to watch this:

You can stop after a minute if you find it too painful. 🙂

In the UK, you’re never further than an hour from the sea. I like that. Of course ‘the sea’ covers a whole multitude of sins – it could be somewhere beautiful, like Ilfracombe (my favourite seaside town) or Brixham, or somewhere a little less classy – like Margate. That’s not to say its not a great place, because it is. The people are fabulous, and there are characters everywhere – its an hour and a half from the centre of London and its a terrific place to shoot. It may not be the capital, but this is a popular place for Londoners to come to relieve the stress of a working week. The beach is actually gorgeous here…the town is run down, and downright scruffy in many areas but when the sun comes out on the first hot weekend of the year? Who cares…its the seaside.

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