“Stop Trident!” (all shot on film)

As alluded to previously, sometimes you see the very best in a city when you allow it to have a voice. London is a very liberal, open and diverse city – a city that, on the whole, doesn’t tolerate or benefit from right-wing politics that much. Its another reason I love the place. Yesterday, the mother city’s voice was shouting rather loudly – 60’000 strong, no less – that the the 3bn pounds put by for a Trident refurb could be best spent someplace else – the health service, for example. A country the size of the UK can do a lot with three effing billion…social housing, education, welfare, immigration – you know, something that can actually benefit PEOPLE.

We have nukes. I don’t care if we keep them or get rid of them – I DO object to upgrading them. They aren’t flat screen tv’s…a nuke will still obliterate millions of people whether it was made in the 70’s or came off the line yesterday.

Just seems like a huge waste of money, investing in a potential war that would be totally un-winnable for EVERYONE.

Anyhow, enough about the politics – I go off on a tangent sometimes, no apologies –  lets talk about another three ‘P’s – Protest, Pho & Photography….

Yesterday, I went old school and shot with 35mm film. I used two cameras – a Leica Minilux (fixed 40mm prime, F2.4, titanium, sexy) and a Contax TVS (28-56 zoom, titanium, even sexier – but hella slower) – and a variety of film. Fuji Superia 200 & Kodak Portra 160 for the Leica, Fuji Superia 800 for the Contax, as its so bloody slow…

Here is a gratuitous pic of them getting snuggly together:

20160227-untitled (2 of 2)

Both pretty hot, I reckon…

Unfortunately, this was a one-sided contest. The Contax was under-exposing by about a stop, maybe more, so what you see here was mainly from the Leica…

It was bitterly cold – but nothing that a warming and delicious soup from ‘Pho’ couldn’t put right while I was waiting for my films to be processed…

Overall, a really good days shooting. I’m going to use the Minilux more often.

Thanks for reading.



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