Regents Canal.

Kind of unusual part of town, Regents Canal.

I remember, back in the day, the whole of Kings Cross was a no-go area. It was the main pick up point in North London for drugs, hookers, and gangster-y types. It was a station you passed through or continued your journey from. It was not a place to hang…a lot has changed in twenty odd years.

Around the back of the station (where it used to be REALLY nasty) is the warehouse district, and its full of swank, over priced Hipster-parent friendly dining…and a Benugo van for the normals. There IS a cool permanent fountain exhibit, which is actually rather mesmerising (the homeless gent watching in the pic below stood there for about 20 minutes, not moving) but I fancied a walk along the canal. I recommend you take the stroll towards Camden…you see the remnants of the bad old days, as well as some quaint rest stops, barges and even the odd fisherman (though what he hopes to catch I have no idea…certainly nothing worth eating. Unless you enjoy condom sandwiches…). If I had time I would’ve walked in to Camden, but I needed to get back home for ‘Final Score’ – I know, I’m lame like that…


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