A Wet Walk to see Quentin

Happily, I’m finding the post new year period less awful this year. Normally, right up to the start of March, I’m feeling listless, fatigued and more than a little blue. Not so much in 2016 – no idea why. Maybe its all that vitamin D I’m guzzling…

Or maybe its because I’ve deliberately made arrangements to get out and shoot this Winter. Something/s to look forward to during the cold weekends and evenings. Literally, something to shoot for…maybe that has helped too.

Case in point, last night. I had booked a ticket to the opening night of ‘The Hateful Eight’ at the Odeon Leicester Square. Its one of the few cinemas showing it in full 70mm glory, with a program and interval (what they used to call a ‘Roadshow’ back in the day) and overall, a bit of an occasion. Especially for me, I’m a huge fan.

I’m using my Nikon V1 as a go-to everyday camera at the moment. The light can be a bit too naff for film shooting, and despite what you see written about the Nikon 1 series, I love to shoot this camera. Its small, built well, REALLY fast and the one inch sensor, while small, is actually very good. Especially with a prime lens.

Anyhow, I figured I would walk around Piccadilly and Leicester Square, grab a bite to eat and snap off a few. Glad I did. There is a bit of shake here and there in these – I’m rarely bothered by that – as the light was poor, but I caught an event that will no doubt mean something to me later on in life.

And yes, see The Hateful Eight. In 70mm. Its really rather breathtaking….

20160108-untitled (11 of 60)20160108-untitled (13 of 60)20160108-untitled (24 of 60)20160108-untitled (32 of 60)20160108-untitled (45 of 60)20160108-untitled (53 of 60)



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