Out Of Focus….works.(sometimes)

Kind of a ‘tag on’ to my previous post, regarding the Zeiss 90mm….

I took this lens (along with others) out to a gig shoot last night. I can confirm that focus peaking is either not accurate on the Fuji’s, or I’m not as nifty at manual focus as I think I am…

Anyway, it just so happens that the three favourite images I took of the night were out of focus. I don’t think I’ll give them to the band – but they’ve made MY short-list. Sometimes its about expression and pose, the lighting, or simply how this lens/sensor combination renders all three. It doesn’t matter, these shots resonated with me.

I’m right about that focus peaking though…. šŸ™‚

20151218-untitled (31 of 87)20151218-untitled (52 of 87)20151218-untitled (73 of 87)






One comment

  1. lefey · December 20, 2015

    correct: I also think the focus peaking is sometimes off focus, posted an item recently saying the same.Regards Drew

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