Festive London

I think London is the best city for celebrating Christmas. It rarely gets bitingly cold, there is loads to do, see and shop, the streets are lit, the Christmas markets are in full swing, and, for once, Londoners are nice to each other. Trust me, this happens once a year…

It also reminds me of something I DON’T miss from the years living in the USA – one day off. I always found that especially mean. Christmas is a time to visit and re-acquaint yourself with old mates, family you only want to see once a year and generally re-charge the batteries for the tough year ahead. We get generous holidays in Europe…I get nearly two weeks, and this is about the perfect length to pig out on bad food, indulge in gifts, nap a lot, and feast on all the fabulous football from the comfort my (or my mates) sofa…

As you have seen previously, I am a frequent visitor to the South Bank and even though it doesn’t have the same sense of character as other areas, its still a great walk – especially during the festive period. Although, if I’m honest, the Christmas Market was a smidge crap this year…


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