More film stuff…

To me, the great thing about shooting film is the element of surprise. Its kind of cool to wait on your images, this collection being a case in point.

Unlike many, I don’t prefer the ‘look’ of film stock (though I do appreciate it) , more so the fact of what effect it has on my photography. Every shot has to count, there is no ‘spray and pray’ approach, unless you’re into blowing wads of cash needlessly.

My carry-all camera is a simple Contax TVS (made in about 1995) – and although not perfect, this is the one that travels with me every day. Its made of titanium, has a certain amount of manual control, looks pretty, and reacts fast. That’s all I want, really.

This collection was taken over a period of about 5-6 months. I forget what I’ve taken, and that’s the cool part – the element of surprise, as you rediscover the whole experience again.

Do I prefer digital? Yeah, probably – I’m impatient, and in the case of the Fuji X-Series, I can almost duplicate the look of film if I want to. But shooting a roll of film over a long period of time is still a lot of fun. Great surprises are always good…








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