Went to shoot the ‘Chaps’….

This may look like the most extreme hipster gathering in London (and I’m sure there was a few in attendance..), but no, this is the ‘Chap Olympiad’ , a yearly gathering organised by ‘Chap’ magazine (shocker).

It cost a fair few knicker to get in, but straight away you can see where the money was spent – a fantastic, well organised event. Even the weather was our friend. It reminded me of one of the few reasons I still love England (and trust me, its waning)…our eccentricity. We are better at being nuts than anyone else, us Brits. In fact, its a reason other nations should be jealous of us – because we do it for no reason whatsoever. We just feel like it, and I bloody love that.

This event also gave me a reason to test out some new glass – a Fujinon 56mm 1.2 APD – which performed admirably. Speaking of photography, I really enjoyed seeing loads of photographers lugging around huge DSLR’s looking thoroughly miserable and exhausted. One knobhead had three Canon 5d’s with three massive L lenses attached. I promise, I did try to feel sorry for him…and failed.

For a small event in Bedford Square. I ask you. Just putting it out there, but NO ONE will be buying DSLR’s in two years. There will be no reason to. We’re there already – in mirrorless I mean – but it normally takes a few years for people to twig. But if I can get shots like this effortlessly with a small Fuji APS-C – and I’m not that good – just imagine where we could be in a few years….

20150711-untitled (7 of 210) 20150711-untitled (46 of 210) 20150711-untitled (55 of 210) 20150711-untitled (58 of 210) 20150711-untitled (90 of 210) 20150711-untitled (122 of 210)


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