Sneaky train shots…

I guess this is a bit creepy…but you’ll see some of the most interesting and expressive poses on public transport. In between the phone gazers, yoghurt munchers, burger feasters, seat hoggers, BACK PACK WEARING ASSHOLES WHO DON’T REALISE THEY’RE TAKING UP THE SPACE OF THREE PEOPLE, and French tourists talking really loudly (rant over) – there are some slightly touching moments and some great visuals.

These are four of my favourites – a James Dean look-a-like (you can spot me in the reflection), a loving couple, a night shifter, and an elderly thinker….in fact, the pic on my homepage is a train snap too.

You would think I would get busted, being in such close proximity to these travellers, but it hasn’t happened – yet. Kind of grateful for that, its not like you can scarper off anywhere. I guess, as is often the case in big cities, people are fairly wrapped up in themselves. Lucky for me…



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