A good day…

Some great personal news for me today – for the first time, you may be able to see some of my work outside of this blog and my flickr page! I was lucky enough to attend a music promo shoot for the phenomenal pianist, Tokio Myers. You’ll be hearing plenty more from him, I’m sure.

This is the second time I’ve shot him, once in a gig-type set up, and this studio based one. As we were shooting in UV light, it was a real struggle to capture much good stuff ‘hand held’ (a strobe flash would have been ineffective for this, and I dislike flash anyway) but with some bright glass and fast ISO (6400 in most cases!) I managed to come up with some good stuff.

One of the images will appear on upcoming promotional material (including his homepage) – a tour starts on July 1st in London, do try to check him out – and the other is how he looks without the make up!

Please check out Tokio here: http://tokiomyers.com – hope to see you at a show! Cheers!

20150510-untitled (281 of 381)20150510-untitled (105 of 381)


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